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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog page. My name is John “BlxckJxckVII” Anderson. I am a 22 year-old indie game developer and community college student. My reasons for creating this blog are at the moment…unimportant, but the things I post here will be focused on my game developer lifestyle, graphic illustrations showcasing, the life as a community college student and other trivial topics such as gaming and the web. If you want a much more defined understanding of what this blog is all about then keep reading, if you don’t then…thats fine. I thank you all for taking some time to read this introduction and I hope you all can come back to read my post on this site.

GAMING (live streaming updates, game development, e-sports, etc.)

This will be one of my major topics on this blog (mostly game development to be exact). I will be posting many things game development related and share with you all my ideals and philosophy of the gaming industry. Many of the post will be Dev logs, which updates you guys on my game development projects and lifestyle. Dev logs are of the “Day in the Life…of a indie developer” I guess. Other posts I make will be about live stream updates, game design tips, and my hands-on with other indie games.
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DIGITAL ART (graphic designs, digital illustrations, vector-based branding and logo art)

Another main topic I will be covering on the blog. I do graphic art as a hobby and I’m even attending community college for an Associate (2 year) degree in Visual Communications. I will be showcasing many of works on here, including web designs and concept art for games and branding. I mainly use Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse, and Brackets) for anything graphic and web design related by the way.
TAGS: digital art, digital drawing, vector art, doodles, graphic design, branding, web design


This one is just general talk about stuff going on in my life. This is something most personal blogs have as a main topic to post about. I will talk about the event in a day and that will be the entire post. What did I do today or on this day? Who did I hang out with? Where in the world did I go? Why was I thinking about anime OTPs all day? These are headings to the post of this topic. Just to be clear, most of these “DitL” post are non-gaming related.
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Last but least is this topic. I will be discussing random stuff like my top 11 (YES 11) favorite things, recommendations for shows that I am watching on TV or Netflix, or other small random stuff I feel like I should blog about. I want post anything like this often though. So dont worry about this one.
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That’s all of what I will be posting here. Thanks for taking the time to checking this out! Hope you all stick around for future updates!

Featured post

Frags for Newbs: Creating an entry guide to competitive shooters

So, I am working on a (personal) project that could help expand the competitive shooter scene a bit and ease the newcomers (new players, spectators, commentators, etc.) in to get comfortable and understand the meta game of these competitive shooters. Its simply creating a guide (or guides) that explains the game and its pro (or competitive) format, techniques used in the competitive setting (such the “YY” in CoD, or the “BXR” from Halo), tips on map knowledge and control, and more. It also will explain things out of game such as: an in-depth look at team structure, roles, the importance of communication and team chemistry.

I have been writing out the outlines as to what I should cover for each shooter. My plan is to first write the rough on word pad and get the base writing down first without any editing what so ever, which could save me lots of time. I will then copy and paste the text into Google Docs and revise and edit for the final draft, Which I plan to transfer everything into either InDesign via PDF file or keep on Google Drive for easy access. I am still debating on that at the moment. I will be covering majority of the known & growing competitive titles such as: Call of Duty, Halo, Gears, R6, CS:GO, and even (if possible) Overwatch. Also this isn’t a single-man development. I will be working with members of each community to assist with the project as well for better in sight.

Now my reason for doing this is simply two things: passion and learning. I myself still have much to learn and I’m willing to write this guide not only for me but for others to learn the and understand the games competitive structure. I play competitive multiplayer games to simply grow and become better as a player. My second reason is that I’ve grown passionate about the competitive shooters (more so then I have ever been since the fall of last year). I have been playing shooters since I was really young and have played the multiplayer with more of a casual mindset. When I have competed in my first two local tournaments in 2014 I started get more interested in competitive gaming and esports as a whole. I came in second in both of them and looking back at them I want to compete more now and improve. I want to play competitive shooters only to become better and improve my skills.

So the guides will be separated into three section: Introduction, In-Game and Out-Game. The ‘Introduction’ section that will covers the ‘what is’ of esports, the competitive history competitive shooters, and the guides purpose; the ‘In-Game’ section covers the game’s settings and competitive rule set as well as explores the maps and modes the players play in matches; ‘Out-Game’ is for the semi-pro players and new challengers of the competitive scene and covers on team chemistry, players roles, equipment use and much more. I see this section as highly important for those competing now or who wish to compete so that learn the importance of understanding their role in and out of the game, learn and perfected their play style, and most importantly being a better player and/or a better team overall. The ‘Introduction’ and ‘In-Game’ sections are targeted to everyone reading the guide. Players (of all skill levels), spectators, casters, and others that are interested in the shooter scene.

Each section is being worked one-by-one at a time so we be sure to explain every important detail about the game and it’s scene. The ‘In-Game’ section for Halo will be released this week during the Halo World Championships North American Regionals via Google Drive (which is taking place this weekend) and the ‘In-Game’ section for Call of Duty will be released before the week of Call of Duty World League Stage 1 Playoffs. I hope these guides can help all of you understand the game and the meta behind the game.

The Break (Leaving 2015 and Moving into 2016)

Its been a while since I have been able to post anything on here. I want to apologize for that as I have been doing so much after the first post that I have not been able to take the time and post here. Its been 5 months and a new year since the last post and I want to go ahead and take the time to tell you guys what have I been doing since and what I will be doing next.

What have I been up to in 2015?

Since the last post I haven’t been able to work on Platformer or any of the BP games at all for that matter. There were several reasons for this (college, family matters, gaming, etc.) that distracted me from working the game. Any time I had the opportunity to work on it, I would mostly feel mentally exhausted or I would lose track to what I did the last time I worked on the code and it would be difficult to get back into the flow of development. I also did a little re planning for how the games will be developed and what games I want to develop. Not much of the development has changed in terms of the concept for the game, but I have planned to develop the BP Platformer at later time (possibly Fall). I will be talking about the first game that I will be developing sometime (maybe) in early February, if not, early March.

So my first full semester in college was pretty good. I’ve passed all of my classes and I am currently taking my second semester courses. My English courses have helped me improved my writing skills a bit. I only had four major writing assignments which all taught me different styles of writing and formatting. I scored high (roughly A and B range) on all papers with minor issues here and there. I won’t lie, three of them stressed me out a bit and sometimes made me mentally exhausted. But I accomplished them all and they were fun to write. All in all these classes for the most part were pretty good entry level courses that didn’t prove to be too much of a hassle in the end.

On the gaming side, I have been playing PC games more than console games, mainly Unreal Tournament and Quake Live. I am starting to get used to playing PC shooters but, I only play traditional shooters (Unreal, Quake, Serious Sam) on PC better than modern shooters (Call of Duty, Hawken, Blacklight). I am better at playing those type of games with a controller than keyboard and mouse. I am playing the traditional shooters with keyboard and mouse. I find myself wanting to play more and more Unreal Tournament more than Quake perhaps because of the pace and style of the game. I am still a novice at the game on PC and i am still trying to improve little by little. I am however, getting comfortable with playing keyboard and mouse. I will continue to play modern shooters with controller and on console still. But I am definitely getting into the hang of playing PC games other than Sims.

What I will be doing in 2016?

There are two things I want to do for 2016: continue developing games and blog more.

This year is an important year for me to develop games. I want to develop at least four game projects before the end of this year. Each game will be developed within each season for the year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. These four games will also be 2D based. I had a system last year where I created a weekly task list for me to follow in order for me to complete a project. This system didn’t work for me the way I had originally wanted it to work, so I came up with a new system for me that should work in my favor and should help me with development. But I will be explaining more of that and other game development stuff in the near future. I’m also working on a YouTube channel for me to post game development related stuff to. I am going to put as much of an effort into game development this year better than I did last year.

As for blogging, I simply need to just blog more. I had a few topics that I wanted to post on here before the end of 2015, but I was occupied with other stuff at the time so it was difficult to do so. Since I last posted anything on here, I have gotten a bit more better in writing than I have before and have become a bit more motivated to write. Ever since I started my first paper in English this year, I started to understand my style of writing a bit more and crafted a new way for me to format and edit my writing. Now that I have started to become comfortable with writing again, I want to continue to write more. I want to continue sharpening my writing skills a bit more. This blog is my way of doing that.
There are other things I have planned for 2016, but they’re mostly small and can be done at anytime of the year. I am highly focusing on game development and blogging for this year. I must do the important stuff and focus on what can be done in order for me to move forward and achieve. This year is going to be a big year for me where I WILL STEP UP.

The First Game! (NO IMAGES)

Hello everyone! I’m here to make a quick post to announce that I am working on my FIRST game project! The to the project is codenamed: BP-Platformer. The game is really early in development and does not have any screenshots at the moment for it.

“BP” is actually the initials to the name of a series of indie games I am making. A collective set of 2D and 3D indie games under one collective name. All of the games will come from different genres and have different game play mechanics & features. Its something similar to the PixelJunk series developed by Q-games in japan. All of the games will be made with the Unity 5 game engine and will be available for mobile + tablet, PC, and other platforms & devices.

There will be more information in the future about this game series, its games (including the current one, Platformer), development organization, platform & device support, and more. This was all I had to announce about my first project. Sorry for writing such a short post but I thank you all for reading this post.

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