Hello everyone and welcome to my blog page. My name is John “BlxckJxckVII” Anderson. I am a 22 year-old indie game developer and community college student. My reasons for creating this blog are at the moment…unimportant, but the things I post here will be focused on my game developer lifestyle, graphic illustrations showcasing, the life as a community college student and other trivial topics such as gaming and the web. If you want a much more defined understanding of what this blog is all about then keep reading, if you don’t then…thats fine. I thank you all for taking some time to read this introduction and I hope you all can come back to read my post on this site.

GAMING (live streaming updates, game development, e-sports, etc.)

This will be one of my major topics on this blog (mostly game development to be exact). I will be posting many things game development related and share with you all my ideals and philosophy of the gaming industry. Many of the post will be Dev logs, which updates you guys on my game development projects and lifestyle. Dev logs are of the “Day in the Life…of a indie developer” I guess. Other posts I make will be about live stream updates, game design tips, and my hands-on with other indie games.
TAGS: gaming, indie gaming, game development, indie dev, esports, hitbox stream, dev grind, game jammin

DIGITAL ART (graphic designs, digital illustrations, vector-based branding and logo art)

Another main topic I will be covering on the blog. I do graphic art as a hobby and I’m even attending community college for an Associate (2 year) degree in Visual Communications. I will be showcasing many of works on here, including web designs and concept art for games and branding. I mainly use Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse, and Brackets) for anything graphic and web design related by the way.
TAGS: digital art, digital drawing, vector art, doodles, graphic design, branding, web design


This one is just general talk about stuff going on in my life. This is something most personal blogs have as a main topic to post about. I will talk about the event in a day and that will be the entire post. What did I do today or on this day? Who did I hang out with? Where in the world did I go? Why was I thinking about anime OTPs all day? These are headings to the post of this topic. Just to be clear, most of these “DitL” post are non-gaming related.
TAGS: DitL, solitude, college, life XP, social, blogging


Last but least is this topic. I will be discussing random stuff like my top 11 (YES 11) favorite things, recommendations for shows that I am watching on TV or Netflix, or other small random stuff I feel like I should blog about. I want post anything like this often though. So dont worry about this one.
TAGS: Top11, Netflix, HuluPlus, Youtube, Viners, tv, movies, anime, music, the internet

That’s all of what I will be posting here. Thanks for taking the time to checking this out! Hope you all stick around for future updates!