Hello everyone! I’m here to make a quick post to announce that I am working on my FIRST game project! The to the project is codenamed: BP-Platformer. The game is really early in development and does not have any screenshots at the moment for it.

“BP” is actually the initials to the name of a series of indie games I am making. A collective set of 2D and 3D indie games under one collective name. All of the games will come from different genres and have different game play mechanics & features. Its something similar to the PixelJunk series developed by Q-games in japan. All of the games will be made with the Unity 5 game engine and will be available for mobile + tablet, PC, and other platforms & devices.

There will be more information in the future about this game series, its games (including the current one, Platformer), development organization, platform & device support, and more. This was all I had to announce about my first project. Sorry for writing such a short post but I thank you all for reading this post.