So, I am working on a (personal) project that could help expand the competitive shooter scene a bit and ease the newcomers (new players, spectators, commentators, etc.) in to get comfortable and understand the meta game of these competitive shooters. Its simply creating a guide (or guides) that explains the game and its pro (or competitive) format, techniques used in the competitive setting (such the “YY” in CoD, or the “BXR” from Halo), tips on map knowledge and control, and more. It also will explain things out of game such as: an in-depth look at team structure, roles, the importance of communication and team chemistry.

I have been writing out the outlines as to what I should cover for each shooter. My plan is to first write the rough on word pad and get the base writing down first without any editing what so ever, which could save me lots of time. I will then copy and paste the text into Google Docs and revise and edit for the final draft, Which I plan to transfer everything into either InDesign via PDF file or keep on Google Drive for easy access. I am still debating on that at the moment. I will be covering majority of the known & growing competitive titles such as: Call of Duty, Halo, Gears, R6, CS:GO, and even (if possible) Overwatch. Also this isn’t a single-man development. I will be working with members of each community to assist with the project as well for better in sight.

Now my reason for doing this is simply two things: passion and learning. I myself still have much to learn and I’m willing to write this guide not only for me but for others to learn the and understand the games competitive structure. I play competitive multiplayer games to simply grow and become better as a player. My second reason is that I’ve grown passionate about the competitive shooters (more so then I have ever been since the fall of last year). I have been playing shooters since I was really young and have played the multiplayer with more of a casual mindset. When I have competed in my first two local tournaments in 2014 I started get more interested in competitive gaming and esports as a whole. I came in second in both of them and looking back at them I want to compete more now and improve. I want to play competitive shooters only to become better and improve my skills.

So the guides will be separated into three section: Introduction, In-Game and Out-Game. The ‘Introduction’ section that will covers the ‘what is’ of esports, the competitive history competitive shooters, and the guides purpose; the ‘In-Game’ section covers the game’s settings and competitive rule set as well as explores the maps and modes the players play in matches; ‘Out-Game’ is for the semi-pro players and new challengers of the competitive scene and covers on team chemistry, players roles, equipment use and much more. I see this section as highly important for those competing now or who wish to compete so that learn the importance of understanding their role in and out of the game, learn and perfected their play style, and most importantly being a better player and/or a better team overall.┬áThe ‘Introduction’ and ‘In-Game’ sections are targeted to everyone reading the guide. Players (of all skill levels), spectators, casters, and others that are interested in the shooter scene.

Each section is being worked one-by-one at a time so we be sure to explain every important detail about the game and it’s scene. The ‘In-Game’ section for Halo will be released this week during the Halo World Championships North American Regionals via Google Drive (which is taking place this weekend) and the ‘In-Game’ section for Call of Duty will be released before the week of Call of Duty World League Stage 1 Playoffs. I hope these guides can help all of you understand the game and the meta behind the game.